Frequently Asked Questions

Property Maintenance

How often should I be watering my lawn?

 Zoysia, Bermuda, and St. Augustine are the 3 main grasses here in San Antonio. These 3 types of grass should see roughly 1/3 in. of water every 2 days to maintain a healthy look during the spring & summer. 1-1.5 inches per week. Roughly 8-10 minutes per sprinkler zone, per day, will give your lawn the water it needs to look healthy and full. Acadia will make sure your lawn receives an adequate amount of water according to season.

How often should I mow my yard?

Depending on season, and how much you are watering your yard will need to be cut at different frequencies. During the summer, given proper water, a lawn will need to be cut once per week. Depending on the property Acadia provides 42 services per year, from March 1st – October 31st we cut every week. From November 1st – February 28th we cut every other week.

Why is it important to mow in different patterns?

Mowing in different patterns is essential to keeping a lawn looking healthy and full. Mowing in the same pattern wears down the lawn over time.

How do I keep my lawn alive in the winter?

Keeping your lawn alive during the winter can seem like a challenging task. Exact preparation varies on the type of grass, but some general tips include :

  • Clean up leaves and dethatch your yard early-mid fall
  • Apply pre-emergent herbicide to prevent weeds from sprouting
  • If weeds are already present, use post-emergent herbicide
  • Apply fungicide to prevent lawn disease that could take place during winter

Acadia provides customized plans to customized plans to keep your lawn as healthy as possible through the winter months

How often should I change/apply mulch?

Mulch should be applied/changed 2 times per year. Top off your mulch in the fall and replace your mulch come spring. Acadia provides both of these services


What is the benefit of upgrading to a smart controller?

Smart irrigation systems ensure your sprinkler system waters at the correct times given the conditions. Smart systems avoid over watering your lawn which could promote disease and is wasteful. This system allows you to control the irrigation from anywhere, and most importantly allows you to shut down your system immediately should there be a leak.

When should my sprinkler system be shut down for winter?

Sprinkler systems should be shut down before the first freeze. Here in San Antonio that typically does not come until late December or January. Acadia takes note of the weather patterns and predictions to ensure your system gets shut down at the right time.

How long should I run my sprinkler system?

During the Summer we recommend your lawn is receiving 1-1.5 inches of water per week. This equates to 8-10 minutes per zone per day, or 15-20 minutes per zone every other day.  This varies for drip irrigation, drip irrigation should be run at 8-13 minutes per day, or 17-25 minutes every other day. 

Should I use my sprinkler system during the winter if at all?

Yes, but much less than during summer months. In San Antonio watering once or twice a month for 10-20 minutes is plenty during the winter. As stated above, system should be shut off and cleared of all water before first freeze.

When should I reactivate my sprinkler system?

In San Antonio, freezes never last for long. Assuming you had to turn your system off during the winter, you should reactivate it come late February or early March.

Landscape Construction

Do I have to pay for design?

Acadia Landscapes provides free 3D design services for all clients. Other companies may charge a fee to get a design.

Is a down payment required?

Yes, Acadia Landscapes requires a 35-50% down payment, depending on the type of job and job size.

How does the process work?

You call > We schedule an appointment > We meet with you and discuss your desires > You receive 3D rendering custom to your property > You let us know of revisions > Once revisions are complete we send a proposal > You accept > We sign contract and take down payment > We set a start date.

How do I pay?

Acadia accepts CHECK and CREDIT CARD.

Do I really need a design?

To put it quite simply yes. We need to be on the same page as our clients to ensure a proper job is done. If there is no design involved the client may be imagining one thing while we are thinking of something different. When there is a design in place both contractor and client know exactly what will be done.


Why should I replace my fence?

Just like everything else in life, fencing ages. Over the years your fence will take on the earths various elements. A rotted fence leaves a property open to many potential hazards and inconveniences. Some of these include, pets escaping, falling on a child, moisture build up, etc. Not only does a rotted and failing fence create hazards to our bodies, it creates hazards to our eyes. A rotted fence is an eyesore to any properties curb appeal. Not only does it look bad, an old fence lowers the properties value and selling potential significantly. No one wants to buy a house with a rotted fence. Invest in your fence and it will be worth the money spent. 

Do I need a permit?

Different municipalities will have different codes on what can be done in regards to fencing. Typically the client is responsible for handling all permits. Acadia can take care of permit requirements for an additional fee. Most fence replacements do not require a permit as log as it is built the exact same as before. If any changes are made during the replacement it will require approval.

How deep should my fence posts be?

Fence post depth varies with height of the fence. 

  • 4 ft fence > 6 ft posts > 1.5 ft deep
  • 6 ft fence > 8 ft posts > 2 ft deep
  • 8 ft fence > 12 ft posts > 3 – 3.5 ft deep
  • 10 ft fence > 16 ft posts > 4 – 5 ft deep
How long will my fence last?

A fences life duration depends on many factors, including materials used, exposure and whether or not it is properly maintained. A standard cedar privacy fence has a general life expectancy of 15-20 years assuming it was stained when installed and re-applied at least once throughout its lifetime.

Should I stain my fence?

Absolutely YES, staining your fence will increase its lifespan by around 10 years. To keep your fence looking healthy and new, stain should be re-applied every 3-5 years. Acadia does stain, but only for new installs.

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